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Monday, August 22, 2005

Google Techs, Webmasters Mingle

"MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Free-flowing beer, live music, karaoke and arcade games kept the party raging at the Googleplex the other night, but the real action was unfolding inside a sterile conference room at Google's headquarters.

That's where the cunning internet entrepreneurs who constantly try to manipulate Google's search engine results for a competitive edge were trying to make the most of a rare opportunity to match wits face-to-face with the company's top engineers."

old taxpayer wants to know WHY somebody (who thinks they are smart) hasn't figured out why we have to constantly switch screens to hook with IE or OE (or did I sleep thru that class) Why can't we ask and answer SAME TIME ??? DUH
Appreciate all comments/accusations
Your lame, brain-dead reader
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