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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Free Search Term Suggestion Tool by KeywordDiscovery.com

"For many years the Overture Keyword Suggestion was the only free, publicly available keyword research tool. Now, due to its recent outages we are pleased to offer an alternative.

Our keyword data is complied and collected from a number of search engines to provide a far more accurate cross section of searches performed world wide."

Another free keyword tool

Can also give KeywordSpy.com a try for a keyword research tool, with results actually reflecting what advertisers are using at the current time.
Hey there everyone,

Just thought I would pop in here and
share real quick.

All the thoughts, tools and ideas
presented are absolutely terrific.

There is just ONE big huge gaping
hole with all the free keyword tools
that services have created to fill
the void of the disappearance of
the Overture tool.

And that is . . . (drum roll please)

Every single FREE keyword tool has
NO capability of saving your keywords
in a basket and managing your projects.

Well — since July of 2004,
NicheBOT Classic has been
providing its constantly growing
userbase the ability to save their
keyword searches that are done for

=====> http://www.nichebotclassic.com

I know — it’s okay to feel your
heart pitter-patter and get excited
like a kid in a candy story.

And I’m sure you would agree…

That’s not only what I call
“useful” — but I call that an
awesome solution!

You can create a FREE account
right here:


Time to manage your FREE keyword
searches better, don’t ya think?

And don’t be surprised if you find
spreading the news to your friends
and business acquaintances about
this clearly useful resource.


Best wishes,

Julie Akerson, Support Services

P.S. If you ever have any questions
that I, or my team, can handle, please
let us know at nichebotclassic {AT} gmail.com
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